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Contact Lens Exam

As an eye doctor I believe a contact lens exam is successful when it provides the right result for the patient’s lens-wearing needs and schedule.  The questions I ask about how often you wear contacts helps me determine whether to use a single-use contact lense versus a reusable one.  If you’re uncomfortable in your current contact lenses, I’ll work toward improving that situation. Sometimes you want to simply see better. And sometimes you just want to change your eyes’ color.  Whatever the case may be, this initial part of the fitting is critical..

prescription contact lenses

As much as contacts are different from eye glasses, the exam for them is different and generates a different contact lens prescription.  With the proper test contact lenses, I can verify the right numbers that gives each patient the best vision and comfort.  Sometimes it’s a straightforward process and sometimes it isn’t.  Once finished, in either case, I dispense contact lenses for use at home or work, and supplies which be exchanged if things change.  My contact lens exam fee covers any necessary follow-up exams.

Daily disposable contact lens technology has come a long way toward improving the experience for the patient.  Astigmatism and multifocal contact lens multifocal contact lens are exciting lenses to fit also, due to their ability to accommodate more patients than before. Working together, I can often find a contact lens that’s right for you, your eyes, and your lifestyle.

If you’re trying to wear contacts for the first time, extra instruction time is given to the insertion and removal process.  Most people can learn this with no problems.  People also need to learn the proper hygiene involved in contact lens care.  If improper routines have lead to patient discomfort, I’ll work to correct that.  If they lead to doctor discomfort, I might make ‘recommendations’ and try to resist wagging my finger at you.  Contact lenses affect the eyes more than most people realize, and it’s my job to protect your vision and your eye health.

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