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Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams so you can see better.

Dr Murray Baumal - Eye Doctor

I am Doctor Murray Baumal, and I provide eye exams Monday through Saturday, with appointments available from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. We know people have busy schedules, and we will work with you to find an appointment day and time that works for you. We are always accepting new patients and it’s easy to make an appointment. With our no-rush eye exam, we will help you find the best prescription for you.

When we start off the eye exam with an intake form, it is because I need to figure out your individual reasons for coming to our office. Any relevant background information a new patient can provide helps give me context, such as how much reading you do or if you have dry eye symptoms. This way, I can have a more productive answer prepared when I start off our encounter by asking “So, what brings you in to see us today?”

Through my 15 plus years of experience, I have learned that half of a good eye exam can be done in the initial conversation, and the rest is spinning dials. While that may not always hold true, I believe it’s critical to know your goal before working toward it. I will also, of course, let you know what I find during the eye exam regarding your eye health, and communicate that as well as any information pertinent to your initial objective.

After the initial letter reading (eye chart) and functional testing to screen for muscle and nerve issues, I get to the aforementioned dial spinning part of the eye exam.  I believe the standard, “Which looks better, one or two” question actually gives important subjective feedback that automated machines can’t obtain. Granted, it takes extra time, but it provides an accurate answer that both of us have worked towards together. 

Eye Exams

Sometimes, I’ll have you try on an example finished product outside that “tunnel vision thing” (called a phoropter) to offer a realistic perspective on how your eye glasses will look and feel once they’re made.

Next, my eye exam looks into the ocular health of your eyes.  You might not like the super bright lights and those eye drops, but they help me screen for any of the many serious conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, or a host of others.  I can look at the front, middle and back structures of both of your eyes to ensure they’re intact and working properly. This includes checking the attachment of the retina, which can be especially important in severely myopic – which is the technical term for near-sighted – patients. This is also something we check in patients who have participated in contact sports as well.

Another factor to consider is your age. Eyes change over the course of a person’s lifetime, and I want you to see clearly your whole life long. Knowing any family history of eye issues is also something we will discuss, and some patients may need eye exams more often than the typical every two years because of familial or genetic predispositions.

woman having eye exam

 So many factors can affect eye health, and there are more treatment options available now than there were in the past. You may know of a grandparent with diabetes who became blind, but that does not mean it will happen to you, even if you inherited the diabetes. There are different types of contacts, and eyeglasses are a popular option, and we can discuss what your own preferences are if a prescription is necessary.

Medications can affect your vision, so coming to your initial visit prepared with a list of your current medications, if any, is important. Some dietary supplements can affect ocular health as well. I can help you sort through the volume of information online, and can discuss concerns and questions you may have.

Some Notes about Eye Exams and Eye Charts

Have you been avoiding seeing an eye doctor because you remember that dreaded “puff in the eye” test for glaucoma from years ago? Or are you a person who has always been nervous about  tests, and so fear even the classic eye chart test, and get anxious about getting it “wrong?” I am here to help you stay calm through every part of the eye exam. I assure you, those eye charts are not trying to trick anyone. They are a diagnostic tool, nothing more and nothing less.

It’s sometimes possible, in the course of the eye exam, to discover unknown ocular trouble signs resulting from diabetes or high blood pressure. Your eyes are an important window to your overall health, and I want to help you not only see your best, and look your best, but also to feel your best – not only after this visit, but for years to come.

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